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What are the attractions worth visiting?

2018-03-22 11:12:31

It is known to be a flower city, and many people are very hospitable, and there are a lot of scenic attractions that attract many tourists to come here, so what are the few places that are worth visiting?


Toiletries, change of clothes, umbrella, cold medicine


Shamian, take subway line 1 to Huangsha Station Exit D to navigate there, Shamian island has 150 European style buildings, is a very exotic European architectural complex, Shamian has many suitable locations for photos, you can take a foreign feeling.


The tower (small waist), the tower is 600 meters high, is the most landmark punch spot, you can overlook the panoramic scenery, especially at night when the night view effect is particularly good.


Sacred Heart Cathedral, Sacred Heart Cathedral is the most distinctive church in the parish, this style of church I think a lot of little fairies are very like, but if you go in must not show your shoulders and legs.


Upper and lower nine pedestrian street, upper and lower nine is the district, here every day there are many tourists to this side, at a glance are crowded scenes, but there are a lot of snacks in upper and lower nine, you can stroll while eating while taking photos.


Pearl River night tour, the night scene is not to miss the scenery, I think that compared with going to the Pearl River by boat, you may wish to walk along the Pearl River, walk to Pa Ti Bar Street, and then blowing the wind, drinking wine, listening to songs, is a very good enjoyment.


Road, road Pedestrian street is a very busy pedestrian street, and here there are relics of a hundred years of history, if you are interested in this side can wander, the main thing is that there are a lot of snacks on this side of the road are more famous.


It is a beautiful city, where the people are hospitable, where you will feel the mysterious language and hospitality of people, especially the food can not be forgotten after tasting.

Matters needing attention

When choosing wine for travel, you can choose a place near the subway entrance, where is very convenient