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web front-end how to self-study, should learn what knowledge?

2018-03-22 20:48:51

Self-study is the first step to success, I share some self-study and front-end learning methods!


Editing tools: dreamweaver, editplus, sublime, etc


Browser: chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE

web front-end learning ability

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web front-end development learning steps

The first stage: HTML+CSS/HTML5+CSS3 project actual combat: official website, official website, millet official website and so on. You can basically do five static pages like this, and there won't be any problems with the static part. Here I would like to recommend a skirt to you, it is 5, 5, 1 in the front, 3, 4 〇 in the middle, and 3, 3, 7 at the end. Friends who want to learn front-end can join us to learn together and help each other. Every day in the group there are great God free classes, if not want to learn small partners do not add.


The second stage: JavaScript project actual combat: actual small game project development


The third stage: JavaScript advanced /Ajax/JQ project actual combat: automatic meaning plug-in packaging


Stage 4: front-end mainstream framework

A few tips for beginners in learning the front end:

First: Remember that learning front-end development can not rely on anyone, I have done development for so long, ten years, I have seen many students who rely on teachers, such consequences is that they do not have the ability to solve problems, there is no ability to learn independently, the interview can not pass, it is very difficult to find a job, because learning development is to exercise this self-learning ability. Second: you must and must have a teacher with you, whether you are learning JAVA or front-end, based on the experience of people I have seen, if you do not have an understanding person to help you solve the problem, it will waste a lot of time in the first place. And the study is not professional, the grasp of the foundation is not reliable, and the behind is white. Third: persistence is very important, there are indeed a lot of people learning front-end to learn to give up when learning JavaScript, this is called a difficult retreat, JavaScript is really difficult, but because it is difficult to have value, we judge a front-end developer is what level, is to use JavaScript to speak. We can search weixin "web front-end EDU" or webxh5, which has more front-end learning materials and learning articles.

Matters needing attention

Self-study is to exercise our ability to contact, the good way has a longer way to go. Hold on, hold on, hold on! ​