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Wearing cheongsam teaches you how to match shoes

2018-01-08 01:36:00

It must be high heels. The color of the shoes should be determined according to the color of your qipao.


Light colored cheongsam, you can match white high heels; Dark cheongsam, can be paired with black high heels. If it is other colors of cheongsam, you can match the same color shoes.


Silver, gold high heels I think should be considered everything, can be matched, the key depends on the texture of cheongsam, style and their own skin color. May wish to go to the business to try, the most important thing for yourself according to your cheongsam fabric to choose. Then there is the matter of texture and color.


If it is satin with glitter type shoes to wear if it is cotton type with floral shoes to wear it is best to be relatively clean type of people are not too high must wear high heels if the body is good. Choose shoes with a small heel.


If it is a plain color, I recommend wearing white heels, otherwise, choose a brighter color. The color jumps. Usually embroidered shoes, like shoes.