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Water purifier useful? What brand of water purifier is good.

2018-03-25 22:24:05

See the essence of the purchase of water purifiers do not worry when you want to buy a household water purifier, is it confused by the various concepts on the water purifier market? When you use a household water purifier, is it possible to pay attention to it and filter it? Can water purifier really clean water? Spring dew water purifier ten brands to tell you about water purifier water purification knowledge. Household water purifier Want to understand not easy people's health awareness with the increasing pollution of water, direct drink water purifier, kitchen water purifier, central water purifier, pure water machine and other "water appliances" have become necessary household products for consumers, with the walk of water purifier looks very high-end advanced water purification concept followed, what silver ion, nanomembrane, nano-ceramics, layered resin, patent pleating film, Ozone sterilization, etc., make consumers confused, spring dew warm tips many fancy terms are purely "gimmicks", some concept publicity is completely part of the business use consumers do not understand the water purifier purification knowledge, play with the concept of fooling consumers. Select water purifier also need to see the essence of the water purifier filter element - the key components to ensure water quality, the purification concept of the water purifier is many, but the purification effect is the most key to the filter element, the filter element determines the quality of the water purifier, although the filter element of the water purifier is named in a variety of ways, but all changes, the filter element is mainly to ultrafiltration membrane, reverse osmosis membrane, coconut shell activated carbon, KDF as the main material In front of these main filter materials, what high-tech terms are floating clouds. Spring Dew reminds consumers that because of the strong adsorption capacity of activated carbon, it is easy to breed bacteria after the long-term use of adsorbed organic matter saturation, not only can not adsorb and water purification, but will make the purification out of the amount of water bacteria exceed the standard, resulting in secondary pollution of the water purifier, so the use of activated carbon water purifier, the use of half a year will need to clear the river or replace the activated carbon.