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Walking Tour Water system engineering scenic spots (4)

2018-04-09 19:12:52

Walking tour Water system engineering scenic spots feature (3) detailed introduction of "Lufu Bridge". Now we continue north to visit "Summer Yin Garden".


The symbol building of "Xia Yin Garden" is the big opera tower. Because it is the birthplace of Chinese opera, folk opera entertainment was very popular in Song Dynasty.


There is a big stage in front of the theater, and there is a viewing platform on the other side of the river. When you cross the bridge to the viewing platform on the other side to watch the performance on the theater, you can feel that people are staged on the shore, reflected in the water dance, which is very beautiful.


The appearance of the grand theatre is majestic and tall, and the momentum is extraordinary. The architectural style of the ancient Song Dynasty is impressive. Further north is the Mother and Child Bridge,


The mother-child Bridge is two large and small rainbow Bridges, and there is a pavilion on the east bank of the river. In summer, lotus flowers are in full bloom, fragrant, beautiful scenery is intoxicating. It is also a beautiful view of "Summer Yin Garden".


There are many ancient buildings on both sides of the river. The banks are made of stone. The scenery is beautiful and natural. Next stop is to visit "Spring Garden". Please continue to pay attention: Walking tour water system engineering scenic spots (5)

Matters needing attention

Be safe when visiting the river


Don't throw things into the river