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Visa application conditions for visiting relatives and friends in Japan

2018-04-08 06:24:54

At present, due to the impact of the "3.11" earthquake and the economic depression, Japan's visa policy for visiting relatives, tourism and visiting friends is relatively relaxed. Japanese law stipulates that foreign citizens are eligible to apply to study in Japan to visit relatives, tourism, and friends as long as they meet any of the following conditions. And the approval rate is also very high at this stage. (1) Parents or adoptive parents of Japanese citizens abroad; (2) Spouses of Japanese citizens abroad; (3) children of Japanese citizens born abroad in marriage or out of wedlock; (4) Children adopted abroad by Japanese citizens; (5) siblings of Japanese citizens residing abroad; (6) grandparents and grandchildren of Japanese citizens abroad; (7) collateral relatives of Japanese citizens abroad; (8) A Japanese citizen has a former classmate, friend, old neighbor, colleague, etc. In addition, relatives of Chinese Japanese or overseas Japanese, Chinese citizens of Japanese descent, and Chinese citizens who are invited by relevant academic organizations and associations can also apply for family visit and tourist visas to enter Japan. Overseas students or immediate family members of Chinese working in Japan, as long as the applicant has a sponsor in Japan, can also apply for a family visit visa.