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Used scraper import customs clearance (loader example)

2018-04-10 19:12:53

When purchasing engineering equipment such as scrapers, loaders and excavators from abroad, there are small differences in the operation mode of import customs clearance. Today, we take scrapers as an example to introduce the whole process of import customs clearance and related matters, hoping to help you.


Used scraper import declaration


Construction machinery import customs clearance operation plan

Import declaration process:

1, consulting customs declaration; 2. Confirm the HS code and confirm whether the required information can be provided; 3. Make plans; 4, purchase equipment, delivery; 5, inspection certificate, O certificate, prepare other information; 6, customs declaration, assessment, tax, tax (want to know how to calculate the tax?) Customs inspection, release! 8. Delivery! The import of new scrapers is much easier, but the import of second-hand scrapers is more troublesome because the country has monitoring conditions and requirements.


Second-hand scraper import need information: 1, packing list; 2. Invoice; 3. Contract; 4. Bill of Lading; 5, other relevant information (such as inspection certificate).


Import two solutions: 1, transfer to Hong Kong to purchase second-hand scraper, transfer to Hong Kong for CCIC, O certificate, and then transfer customs declaration, tax. 2. Handle CCIC imported second-hand scraper abroad, handle CCIC abroad, and then transport it directly to declare. Customs clearance cycle of second-hand scraper: the first scheme, customs clearance takes about 20 days; In the second scenario, it takes about seven days.

Matters needing attention

1, second-hand scraper import how to handle inspection?


2. What information does the Customs need to verify the purchase price?


3, no import and export rights can import second-hand scraper?