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Uphill point start old love flameout how to do

2018-04-19 17:36:22

Manual ramp fixed point easy to stall solution.


Manual transmission car


Ramp fixing has always been a difficult part in Subject 2. There are probably the following reasons for flameout: 1, forget to release the handbrake when starting; 2, clutch loose too fast, not stable; 3. Brake too fast.


First of all, when starting, we must release the handbrake and then try to loosen the clutch, otherwise it will be extinguished.


Secondly, the most difficult part of the manual test is the use of the clutch. When loosening the clutch, be sure not to be nervous, the speed of loosening should be slow, otherwise it is easy to stall. Wait until the car has a noticeable shake before releasing the brake. If the power is not enough, it is best to brake immediately (must be the first step on the clutch after the brake, the interval is very short, almost at the same time), stop and try again, of course, but also pay attention to the time limit. If you can use the accelerator, you can cooperate with the accelerator at the start, it is not easy to slip the car or turn off the engine.


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