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Types of postgraduate courses

2018-03-15 04:48:37

Postgraduate entrance examination is the entrance examination of advanced universities, and now more and more people participate in postgraduate entrance examination, then they are directly faced with the problem of whether to participate in tutorial classes, Xiaobian explains the type of tutorial classes for you: preparatory class. The preparatory class is mainly for the review of the longer basic public courses, such as: mathematics, English, politics, the role is to guide the candidates in the early self-review on the intensive class, master the review method, to avoid the first round of review detours. Basic class. In view of the systematic and long-term nature of the review of public courses such as mathematics, the main purpose of a solid systematic review is to lay a solid foundation and make the review more effective in the future, and the class generally begins in April and May, with a longer duration. Intensive class. Mainly in the intensive period of counseling, focusing on the summer vacation life in July and August, this period is a key period, must make good use of sprint class. The last stage of the class, generally taught in November and December, political current affairs is the CIC drama, should not be missed