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Two day tour guide

2018-03-21 00:00:16

Since ancient times is the hometown of fish and rice, is a national historical and cultural city, known as the "pearl" said, so every year there are many people to travel, today Xiaobian will tell you about the two-day tour strategy.


Day 1: Li Garden - Ochelys Head Chu. It is best to set the place to live before coming, it is recommended to choose near the railway station, which is more convenient to go to the major attractions.


Then you can take the bus directly to Liyuan. Li Garden was built around Lihu Lake, named after the lake, and the lake won because of the garden. In March and April, the peach blossoms are in full bloom, and the spring scenery is full of flowers, plus the small bridge running water, walking on the corridor, really do not have a feeling.


After Li Yuan comes out, you can directly take a bus to Turtle Head Chu, and the two are very close, only three stops away. Great writer Guo Moruo praised the poem: "The best place, after all, on the Turtle head", you can see the beautiful scenery of Turtle Head Isle. Turtle Head Isle has many landscapes such as full mountain hidden show, deer roof to welcome the light, Turtle Zhuzhu Spring Tao, Hengyun Mountain Villa, Guangfu Temple, Fairy Island, Orchid Garden, especially in the cherry blossom season, it is beautiful.


Day 2: Big Buddha - South Zen Temple - South Changjie. After a night's rest, you can go to the scenic spot first. The scenic spot is a national AAAA level scenic spot, with small and large Buddhas, the first palm in the world, 100 plays Maitreya, Buddhist Culture Expo Hall, Ten thousand Buddha Hall, Zen Temple and other scenic spots. Among them, the big Buddha is 88 meters high, the Buddha body is 79 meters, and the petal is 9 meters. It is the largest open-air bronze statue of Sakyamuni in the world at present, which is very spectacular.


After visiting the scenic spot, you can go to the South Zen Temple. Nanzen Temple was built in the Taiqing period of Liang Wudi, which has a history of thousands of years. On the east side of the temple, there is a 43.3 meters high wonderful pagoda, which is a seven-level eight-sided attic style, with copper bells hanging from the corners of the eaves, which has the reputation of "ten miles of rumors of gold Tudor ringing, half a day flying down the Jade Dragon."


South Chang Street is not far from the South Zen Temple, is the most famous old street, a total length of 5.5 kilometers, known as the "water lane". There are a lot of food on both sides of the South Long Street, sauce bones, Xiaolongbao and so on can taste, enjoy the historical and cultural ancient buildings, while eating food, it is very comfortable ah!

Matters needing attention

Be careful to check the tour itinerary in advance.