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Two day tour guide

2018-03-20 22:24:01

Located in the western province of China, in the northwest of the province is a prefecture-level city, the city is near the city plus its own natural landscape has a lot of interesting attractions, the following two day tour guide for reference.


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The time arrangement mainly includes Huangyao Ancient Town, scenic spots near the urban area, urban parks, 18 water & Uncle Mountain Scenic spot & Jade Forest and Baili Gallery scenic spot, each of the 5 parts can play for one day, and the specific arrangement of two days of travel can be chosen according to your personal preferences.


One day tour - Huangyao Ancient town tour the first day to play Huangyao ancient town scenic area, in the city bus bus direct, an hour price of about 30 yuan, like you can stay overnight in the ancient town and return tomorrow morning.


One day tour - the next day can play Ziyun scenic spot (cave) and garden Expo Park, two scenic spots are near the city, scenic spots are not a day to visit.


One day tour - Urban park you can go to Xinda, Lingfeng Square, Love Park to take a look at the city scenery, while tasting some food.


One day tour - 18 water & Pu Pu Mountain Scenic spot & Jade forest 18 water natural ecological Park and Pu Pu Mountain scenic spot in the north of about 30 kilometers, the two scenic spots are not far away, you can take the tourist shuttle bus in the city to Pu Pu Mountain tourist area ticket price of about 7 yuan, there is time to play the same line of jade forest (about 20 kilometers from the city ticket about 60 yuan).


One day tour - Baili Gallery scenic spot in the western county of the city, the distance is about 60 kilometers, the scenery is similar, more suitable for self-driving trips or to the county and then change cars to drive near the scenic spot.