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TV shows and movies starring Lee Min-ho

2018-03-25 20:48:09

South Korean star male god Lee Minho has a model body, handsome face is loved by fans in China and South Korea!


TV shows in which Lee Min-ho starred: In 2006, Lee Min-ho starred in the Secret Campus; "Run, Mackerel" in 2007; In 2009, he became famous for playing Gu Junbiao in the Korean version of the Boy, and became a first-line male star in South Korea. Lee Yoon-sung, the leading actor in the Korean version of City Hunter in 2011; In 2012, she challenged the ancient costume for the first time in the time-traveling Korean drama Xinyi, playing the role of the ancient warrior Cui Ying. In 2013, she played the role of Kim Tan, heir to the empire, in the South Korean idol drama The Heirs.


Films in which Lee Min-ho appeared: 1970 was Lee Min-ho's first film. "Long legs even bar" Lee Minho changed the past warm male image, turned into a gloomy familiar man, more challenging intense action drama.


Lee Minho cooperated with a lot of actresses, take a look ~^^