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Travel Tips How to travel

2018-03-18 12:48:32

To travel must do their own travel strategy, to better achieve their own travel purposes. Find your own travel destination, better around their own plans to travel to meet their travel aspirations. Arrange your own travel strategy must start from several aspects. On the one hand, it is to understand the scenic spots, on the other hand, it is to make a good travel route, and then it is to make preparations before entering Tibet, and then it is to grasp their own travel budget. If you do all these aspects, then your travel guide will be more perfect. Here, Xiaobian will make a simple explanation for you!


First of all, know what the attractions are. The area is very vast, and the scenery in different areas is also different. So be sure to understand the distribution of good attractions, and when is the best season to visit these attractions, so as to facilitate their own tour at the same time, but also to make their own clear travel routes. Here is a brief introduction to the distribution of attractions for you:


1. Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Jokhang Temple, Pumo Yunco, Yangbajing, Rido, Norbulingka, Museum, Barkhor Street, Chubu Temple, Zahi Temple, Mosque, etc.;


2. Mount Everest, Tashilhunpo Temple, Baiju Temple, County, Temple, Wanfo Temple, China-Nepal Bridge, etc.;


3. Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, Nangi Valley, Kading Valley, Cypress King, Basong Tsok, Lulang, Biri Mountain, Nanga Bawa and so on


4, : Ran Wu Lake, three color lake, ruins and so on


5, : Yangzhuo Yonghu, Samye Temple, Yongbrakang, Tibetan King Tomb, Changzhu Temple and so on


6. Namtso, etc


7. Ruins of Guge Dynasty, Bangong Lake, etc


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Each trip should take into account its entire budget, so that they can better arrange their own funds and prevent the lack of funds. Generally speaking, the expenses of entering Tibet include travel fees, accommodation fees, food fees, scenic spot tickets, shopping and individual groups. It varies depending on the form you enter. Generally speaking, your expenses mainly include: travel expenses, accommodation expenses, food expenses, scenic spot tickets, shopping, individual groups. The second is the budget of the accommodation, according to the different grades of wine you check in, the cost is about tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. It is very necessary to arrange accommodation according to your actual situation, and the cost of food and drink is about 100 yuan. Together with the cost of tourist attraction tickets and their own shopping, the entire trip budget.


Do a good job now travel strategy network to facilitate themselves, so that they can better travel. Have a perfect holiday, truly appreciate the truth and beauty!