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Travel holiday guide

2018-04-05 12:48:14

These three cities are very close to each other and have their own characteristics, but there are still great differences in accommodation, travel and diet, which need to be carefully chosen.


If it is National Day to go better prepare thicker clothes


Book in advance. Busy season is tight


First of all, we choose the location of accommodation, accommodation is best to choose the area, in the non-peak season can choose a B&B, very cheap, in October after 31 days, the peak season is still very expensive, choose, otherwise very tide


Eat, eat really little, but you can buy seafood, a lot of home will help you wish, eat or mainly in Yanshan University snacks, a lot of independent good in the city


Buy seafood, get cheated, really, buy good seafood, choose live, and then open the bag is dead, stolen day


Many of the properties have free bike rides, you can ride around Tiger Beach along the beach, or ride directly to it is still a good experience, a day and a round trip, about two hours of cycling.


Wildlife park, tickets are slightly expensive, play time to close to half a day or so, there are a lot of animal programs, don't go too late, take a small train can quickly play the whole attraction


Pigeon Nest Park, right next to the beach, you can watch the sunrise in the morning, but you really have to get up very, very early


There are many attractions, but the food and accommodation are really not recommended, the attractions are more concentrated, but I feel that the first pass in the world does not need to go up


There are buses and trains between each other, so it is very convenient, the atmosphere of the Olympic Games is very strong, the green is particularly good, so the whole city gives people a good feeling, the Olympic Park is also worth going to, no tickets, but also relatively large

Matters needing attention

Many pitfalls do not be cheap, remember


Not to slander, is really a lot of bad, to the Jiumen Great Wall, back to increase the fare


Five dollars to the first pass don't believe it


Don't go into the temple to worship, will burn incense directly to you, sorry, 100 yuan


It's free to play