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Travel guide to Japan 3

2018-03-30 16:00:35

Travel guide to Japan 3


Founded in 778, it is the oldest temple in Kyoto and was added to the World Heritage List in 1994. The hanging stage in front of this hall is a Japanese national treasure cultural relic, surrounded by green trees, cherry blossoms in full bloom in spring, is one of Kyoto's famous cherry blossom, red maple in autumn, is also a maple resort.


There are many tourists visiting the temple, so it is best to go there in the morning. Come to Yinyu Mountain, walk up the hill along the path. When you enter the temple, you will pass the Inwang Gate, West Gate, Triple Pagoda, Suiqiu Hall, Kaishan Hall and other buildings, and you can see the Inwang statue and the Tibetan Buddha. There are many tourists in the temple lighting incense, asking for sticks, incense is very prosperous. If it is good, keep it. If it is bad, remember to tie it to the shelf next to it. For 100 yen, you can also enter the basement of Suisudo and experience the famous "fetal walk", which means praying inside the Bodhisattva.


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The main hall diagonically is the House of Aochi, where there is a viewing platform, you can see the panorama of the stage protruding from the cliff, you can take the classic Angle of the stage. Aozhiyuan is the source of the temple, which is smaller than the temple. It is dedicated to the thousand-hand Avalokitesvara, Vishamun, Jizo Bodhisattva, wind god and Thor, but it is different from the original Buddha of the temple.


The waterfall of Sound Feathers comes out of the Okoyuan, and down the mountain road you will see the waterfall of Sound Feathers, which is the origin of the name of the temple. Its three streams represent health, education and marriage, and many people line up here to drink water and pray for good luck. You can pray for health, success in school, or success in love, but it is said that you can only take one of these water to drink, because too greedy wishes will not come true.


There is also a landlord shrine in the northern part of the main Hall, which is a place to pray for love and fate. In front of the shrine, there are two stones about ten meters apart, and it is said that if you walk from one end to the other with your eyes covered, you can get true love. It is a bit difficult, so many people will close their eyes and let their partners guide them to touch the stone.


In addition, there are many buildings in the temple worth watching. Nightly worship is open at a certain time every year, and the temple looks particularly beautiful under the light. There are often celebrations here, such as a special autumn red leaf lighting festival in late November; In December, the "Chinese characters of the year" will be unveiled in the temple to express the state of the world and people's feelings in the year, which is very interesting.