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2018-05-01 06:24:00

The province is located in the center of northeast China, in the Northeast Asia geometric zone composed of Japan, Russia, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia and northeast China. There are many tourist attractions. Let's take a look.


The first is long, household name. The sacred mountain of the Kanto people, the magnificent original scenery, the unique Korean folk customs, the scenery is unlimited. The western slope has the broadest view of Tianchi, and the air is very good. Type of attractions: Nature reserve Best season: summer and autumn best, winter can ski suggested play: 1-2 days


. Cars + movies, this magical combination will catalyze a Xiaozi appearance. When you come here, you will find that this garden city in the north is indeed a little different from the black land in your imagination. Best season: All seasons Recommended visit: 2-3 days


City. The city is the only city in China with the same name as the province. The territory is inhabited by 35 ethnic groups such as Han, Manchu, Mongolian, Hui and Korean. Rich in tourism, it is a beautiful place near mountains and rivers. Best season: December - February Recommended visit: 2 days


The island of Rime. Especially recommend the sunrise of Rime Island, very beautiful. But the weather is also a very important factor if you want to have a really good view. Type of attraction: Other Recommended Play: 2 hours


. The Korean Autonomous Prefecture is located in the eastern part of the province, adjacent to the Russian territory in the east, and facing the Tumen River across the North Hamgyong Province and Yanggang Province in the south. It is a place with green mountains and clear water. Best season: March-November Recommended visit: 2 days


... ... There are many places to play in the province, these places are small personal feel better place, in addition to this place, you can also go to other places oh, Yanji, Jingyuetan, Jingpo Lake and so on.


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