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Travel Guide _ Specialty introduction

2018-03-21 09:36:34

The city is rich in mineral resources, 44 kinds of minerals have been found, and 27 kinds have been developed and utilized. Advantageous minerals are petroleum, gold, graphite, ornamental granite, ornamental rock, diopside, talc, zeolite rock. Gold is mainly distributed in, including annual gold production of 5.7 tons, Shanhou gold mine has become a new growth point for gold. The proved reserves of graphite are 6,871,100 tons, which occupies an important position in the world. And large oil fields in the north are being explored. The granite in the city and Jiaonan is of high grade, and the monument to the People's Heroes in Tiananmen Square is made of stone in the city. Rich crystal and seabed green jade.

Brief introduction of special products:

Yunfeng Tea is "the first on the sea" and has the reputation of "fairy house Cave". It is a famous Taoist and tourist resort in China. The unique geographical environment, fertile land, high-quality water sources to cultivate the tea. Yunfeng tea mainly has three series of tribute, spring and green, nearly 20 varieties, in 1997 was rated as "the city's top ten characteristic tourist commodities", tourists if they want to buy, the city's major shopping malls are sold.


Green stone green stone, also known as green jade, commonly known as submarine jade, produced in Lao Lu Yangkou Bay. The mineralogical name of green stone is snake jade or Bao grain jade, the jade quality is fine, crystal and moist, there is a certain transparency, gorgeous color, with green as the tone, there are dark green, emerald green, gray green several colors, among which emerald green is the top quality, there are purple, ochre, yellow, white, gray and other colors, the shade changes are different. Now because the stone is limited, it is not easy to obtain, and it has become the proud son of the stone.


Surrounded by the sea on three sides, seafood is one of the main production and processing areas of seafood in China. If tourists want to taste fresh seafood, they can go to the local seafood market (take bus No. 30 in the city to the seafood market and go 100 meters ahead). Pay special attention to the fresh seafood when buying, will bargain, you can also go directly to the pier to buy. In addition, the sea market also sells a lot of dry sea goods, relatively convenient to carry. Here to remind tourists: pay attention to the eating method of seafood, because seafood and some fruits and vegetables together to eat, will cause poisoning, should not be.


Shell carving using rare shell shells as raw materials, using the natural color and texture of shells, and integrating the technical characteristics of jade, wood carving and mother-of-pearl inlay, shell carving is carefully carved into flat, floating and three-dimensional forms of hanging pictures, jewelry and tourist souvenirs. Products mainly include flowers and birds, figures, landscape, still life as the theme of shell carving craft hanging picture, screen and so on. Visitors can go to the local large business district, or the night market can buy.


Straw handicraft is a special product, using natural pushgrass, hair grass, corn husks, craft paper rope and so on. The products are mainly divided into two categories: first, straw glass bottle covers, woven fabrics on glassware bright colors, beautiful, cold insulation; The second is handicraft woven goods, such as: tea mat, cushion, door mat, straw storage box, daily household crafts, etc., a large business district are sold.


Beer Beer is a famous brand product in China and the first well-known trademark of Chinese beer. Beer is brewed with high quality raw materials, unique strains, classic brewing technology and unique technology. The foam is white and delicate, clear and bright, the alcohol body is soft, mellow and refreshing, and enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad.