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2018-03-27 22:24:50

Scenic spot (ancient known as the town pole) is located in the southwest of the state, is a national historical and cultural city, has been praised by the famous New Zealand writer Rewi Alley as the most beautiful town in China. Built in the Qing Dynasty Kangxi, this "pearl" is veritable "small", so small that there is only one decent east-west street in the city, but it is a green corridor. The following Xiaobian will share with you the travel guide.


Travel guide


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Chen Dounan Mansion was built in the 28th year of Guangxu of Qing Dynasty (1902), located in Neiwujia Lane No. 1. The former residence of Shen Congwen is a small courtyard with the architectural style of Ming and Qing dynasties. There is a courtyard in the middle of the courtyard, with a total of 10 rooms, which was built by Shen Congwen's grandfather Shen Hongfu in the early years of Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty.


The former residence of Xiong Xiling is located in an alley of North Wenxing Street. Doors and Windows are wooden structures with carved or painted shapes and exquisite workmanship, which is a typical Miao ancient courtyard building pattern and extreme ethnic customs. Yangjia Ancestral Hall is the most complete ancestral hall in the protection so far, located in the northern wall of the county.


Tianjia Ancestral Hall is the largest ancestral hall. Located in Tuoan old Yingshao Street, this is a building group with strong ethnic characteristics. Pavilion, also known as temple, is a place to worship the stars. Located south of the city under the Tiger tail peak. Here ancient towering trees, beautiful scenery, the Republic of China, here is a "model national school".


The North Gate tower is called "Wall Hui Gate", because it is located in the north, commonly known as the North Gate tower. Tuo River rock is located in the Tuojiang River channel outside the north gate, was built in the Qing Dynasty Kangxi forty-three years (1704), the old northeast to enter one of the main channels. Shou Cui Building, located in Huilong Pavilion, is the studio of the famous painter Huang Yongyu and belongs to the arch-style structure. The whole building has ancient green tiles, eaves and warped corners, and carved wooden Windows, like pavilions.


SLATE Old Street is the most prosperous commercial street. The buildings and alleys on both sides of the road can allow you to enjoy the ten thousand styles of the ancient town. Hongqiao, formerly known as lying Hongqiao, has a roof above the corridor, and can avoid wind and rain in the corridor, so it is also called wind and rain building. Qifeng Mountain is the site of the original Qifeng Temple, although the temple no longer exists, but its scenery is still ancient and quiet. On this hill there is a great view of the Tuojiang River, stilt Tower, Hongqiao, Daocui Tower, Wanming Tower and so on.


Wanming Tower is located on the bank of the Tuojiang River at the foot of Dongling Mountain, with the sculpted beams and painted buildings to the east and the Wind and Rain Bridge to the west. Built during the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, the Southern Great Wall is 190 kilometers long, about 3 meters high, 2 meters wide at the bottom, and 1 meter wide at the top of the wall. It crosses mountains and rivers, most of which are built on steep ridges. Shanjiang Miao Village, also known as the total barracks, Miao language called "Ba Gu", located in a canyon 20 kilometers to the northwest, is a small cottage full of Miao life.

Sum up

1. Chen Dounan Mansion and Shen Congwen's former residence. 2. Former residence of Xiong Xiling and ancestral hall of Yang Family. 3. Tian ancestral Hall and Pavilion. 4. North Gate Gate Tower and Tuo River rock jumping and Shou Cui Tower. 5. SLATE Old Street and Hongqiao and Qifeng Mountain. 6. Wanming Tower with the southern Great Wall and Shanjiang Miao Village.

Matters needing attention

Tips1: Shou Cui House belongs to private residence, generally can not enter, can only watch outside.


Tips2: The tower can be seen on foot and tourists cannot climb it.