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2018-03-27 04:48:47

"The gentle wind adorns the Jincheng spring, and the drizzle is like silk pressing jade dust." Depict the beautiful scenery of the heavenly palace. In 2014, it won the "2014 Most Beautiful China List - Destination City".


Have to mention, you can not follow the tour, but to the scenic area, in the case of you do not understand the culture of the scenic area, you are worth spending a little money to find a scenic guide. Go to the big Buddha, you can only take a look at the scenery, maybe you never know it can still be preserved after wind and rain, and it is not how amazing, only the drainage system behind it.


It was autumn when I went, and here are the photos I took.


It is the "Tao" that gives birth to the spiritual core of "balancing the two poles". "Taoism moistens the city like water, and its softness ultimately shapes the resilience of a culture." The palace is a famous Taoist temple. The incense is strong and the mountain gate is magnificent. The flavor of Taoism is very strong, not the regular scenic spots of tourist groups, so it is relatively quiet. Type of attraction: Religious sites Best season: March to May. It is especially good when the spring is warm, as a good place for outing. Suggested play: 1 hour admission: adults 10 yuan, students 5 yuan, seniors over 60 years old and children under 1.2m free Opening time: 08:00~18:00 Address: West second section of the First Ring Road, City of the province


What kind of city is it? Du Fu saw the spring scenery of the green grass in Yingjie, so he stopped here to build a straw hall on the edge, and he wrote 271 poems in the straw hall, accounting for 20% of his poems in his life. So Du Fu's cottage became a place where people remembered Du Fu. Type of attraction: Historic building Best season: All seasons, summer and fall are best. As the museum in memory of Du Fu can be visited all seasons, you can feel the simplicity and elegance of the architecture and the ancient style of the old house. In spring and autumn, the trees are green, and the ornamental degree is higher. Suggested play: 3-4 hours Admission: 60.00 yuan Opening hours: Summer (May to October) : 8:00~18:30 Winter (November to April) : 8:00~18:00 Tips: Stop selling tickets 20 minutes before closing Address: 37 Qinghua Road, Provincial district

Matters needing attention

Go to scenic spots must not take a taxi the price is too high, easy to be pit, or take a taxi is more cost-effective.