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2018-03-25 12:48:54

Another name "", provincial cities, one of the three cities of Chaoshan. Known as "coastal Zulu", "hometown of Chinese painting", "hometown of small drama", "hometown of dragon boat", "hometown of overseas Chinese", is one of the birthplace of Chaoshan culture.

Main attraction

The building is located at the east entrance of the province and takes the form of the Han Dynasty. It is 38 meters high and is expected to become an urban landmark with historical symbolic significance.


Laojie as a county government, began in the Southern Song Dynasty ten years (AD 1140), has been more than 800 years of historical accumulation. After the vicissitudes of life, the change of dynasties, today, still with a light polished in the light, in this piece of hot land. Sometimes, walking in this Song and Yuan pattern, Ming and Qing dynasties of the ancient streets, is a banyan shade, but also put me in the modern civilization shuttle tired body and mind, instantly become quiet, become natural.


The Academy Palace, also known as "Confucian Temple", "Confucian Temple" and "Redology", is the second largest Confucian temple. Founded in the 10th year of the Southern Song Dynasty (1140 AD), it has concentrated the essence of Confucian culture for thousands of years. The existing architectural group consists of 21 individual buildings, which is the largest historical building group of the same kind in Lingnan region with the most complete supporting buildings and the most complete preservation.


Huangqishan Scenic Area Yellow scenic area wooded, group of sagging stones, numerous sites, ancient nine nunneries and eighteen temples said, Jiejie, is the most famous mountain.


Guzhaili Ancient village is located in Puning Hongyang Town, is the Qing Dynasty water division commander Fang Yao family village, which has a history of 140 years. It covers an area of 63,000 square meters, with a construction area of 32,000 square meters. There are 773 houses in the village, including official halls, ancestral halls, Buddhist halls, study rooms, restaurants, warehouses and attics. It is the largest and most complete preserved and has a long historical period in Chaoshan area, and it is also a rare ancient village in the style of a mansion.


Kuiyang Sea Rhyme, the 109 km coastline of various cultural landscapes, natural wonders. It is called one of the "Eight sights".


Huangman 磜 Waterfall group is located in coarse keng village, Jingxi Garden, province and county, upstream of coarse Keng River, enjoying the reputation of "the first waterfall in Lingnan". There are multiple waterfalls on the kilometer section of the river, among which the Feihong waterfall has a height of about 60 meters and a width of about 80 meters.


Kung fu tea Chaoshan people like kung fu tea very much, as long as there are people where there will be tea. Up to the dignitaries, down to the peddlers, there is no tea is not happy, but Chaoshan local tea is very little, only Fenghuang single fir and so on, the output is small. Most of the local people drink tea. Does this prove that the ancestors of Chaoshan brought tea culture with them when they migrated? And now the Minnan people also like to drink kung fu tea.


Beef kway teow soup Beef kway teow soup is a traditional and famous dish in the province, which belongs to the southern Fujian cuisine. With a long history, it enjoys a good reputation in Chaoshan and is a famous Chaoshan food. Boil the bone soup and season with a little salt. Put the cooked kway teow and fresh meat into a bowl. Pour over the thick soup and serve.


Puning dried beans Puning dried beans is one of the folk snacks and specialties in Puning City, province. Soybean products made with soybean as the main raw material and mixed with potato powder, gypsum and brine.


Chaoshan casserole congee Chaoshan casserole congee is the characteristic and traditional name of Chaoshan region. The main raw materials are basic shrimp, fragrant rice, glutinous rice, coriander, chives and so on. The taste is very delicious, and there is a slight fragrance.


Sausage noodles originated from Xiguan area, according to geography (taste) to distinguish the more famous Xiguan sausage noodles, Hakka sausage noodles, Chaoshan sausage noodles, sausage noodles, capital sausage noodles, etc

Matters needing attention

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