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Travel around Tianchang, ski play guide

2018-03-20 11:12:32

Winter should have a winter look, the temperature is already very low, why not take advantage of the rare opportunity to play! Where to go for Christmas 2017? Tianchang surrounding tourism, skiing play where good?


December 25th Christmas Temple skiing started! The ski resort has a number of ski trails, ski circles, colorful snow play areas, ecological parking lots, with more than 10 large imported snow machines, more than 2000 pairs of skis, 500 ski circles and a number of snowmobiles, receiving more than 2000 people a day.


Temple Ski Resort is currently the southernmost ski resort in the province, covering an area of 40,000 square meters, targeting early, intermediate ski enthusiasts, is the whole family can participate in fitness, entertainment, romance as one of the outdoor sports!


Professional coach: The snow resort has an experienced professional coach team to give one-on-one and team guidance to the first snow.


Supporting facilities: Spacious tourist services and complete supporting facilities to provide tourists with a good entertainment environment.