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Travel and food guide

2018-05-02 01:36:00

It is China's largest onshore oil field and an important petrochemical base. In the past 50 years, it has contributed more than 2 billion tons of crude oil to the country, paid 1.7 trillion yuan in profits and taxes, and earned more than 50 billion US dollars in foreign exchange from exports. Vibrant agriculture and animal husbandry and the local economy led by high-tech industries are thriving, ranking 19th in the overall strength of national cities. It is a city with unique cultural heritage. The spirit of patriotism, entrepreneurship, truth-seeking, dedication, and the iron Man spirit is constantly innovated and carried forward; There are many professional cultural masterpieces, and the mass culture is rich and colorful; People are healthy, caring for society, happy and harmonious; With vigorous development of social undertakings, it now has 6 universities, 6 provincial demonstration high schools and nearly 100 scientific research institutes, and is gradually becoming a famous cultural city in northern China.

1 Travel


The city landscape is unique. As one of the excellent tourist cities, with its unique tourism, has become a place for foreign tourists to yearn for. 57 tourist attractions dotted around, oil culture tour, wetland landscape tour, geothermal leisure tour, folk customs tour, urban scenery tour, has been singing, radiating northeast, toward. Listed as international tourist attractions, China's largest petroleum science and technology museum, patriotic education base Iron Man King Jinxi Memorial Hall, Songji Mitsui marking the birth of oil fields and other scenic spots can make visitors feel the profound oil culture directly; Grassland horse racing, water hunting, visiting ethnic museums and other tourism projects can make tourists personally experience ethnic customs; Zhalong Nature Reserve sightseeing, habitat ecological village leisure, wildlife viewing and other tourism projects can make people enjoy the magical wetland landscape; The "Hometown of China" county is rich in geothermal, and tourism projects are favored, forming a boutique tourism route to enjoy ice, skiing and washing in Yabuli. Man-made landscape: Iron Man King Jinxi Memorial Hall, Oil Museum, Children's Park, Oil field Park, flower Park, Oil Field Science and Technology Museum, Songji Mitsui, Jingyuan Park, Wetland Nature Reserve, World Oil Culture Park, Radio and Television Complex Tower, Yanfu Temple, Petroleum Institute, Normal College, Province Bayi Agricultural University, Times Square, Amuta Tourist Resort, Longtao Sand Resort, Sanatorium, Dahua Park, etc. END

2 Food


There are two kinds of skin of crystal belly, one is filled with pig large intestine (that is, generally called belly). The other is the irrigation of pig belly (that is, pig bladder). With pig belly irrigation, it is best to choose a belly film is more appropriate. Crystal tripe does not condense with starch, it is made by freezing pork skin. Ingredients: Lean pork 100kg pig skin (clean and hairless) 50kg refined salt 2.5kg monosodium glutamate 200g five-spice noodles 200g cinnamon noodles 200g green onion 3kg fresh ginger 2kg sesame oil kg. Bracken is a special dish in the mountainous area of northeast China. This dish is cooked with sea rice, which is light and elegant with fresh and refreshing taste. Method: (1) First the bracken with desalting, soak to salty, and then blanch with boiling water, out of the control of dry water. (2) Add salt, seasoning, pepper oil mix well, and then change the knife into an inch section, code into the plate, is a edge. (3) The good sea rice, soft with hot water, code on the bracken, ready. With a unique braised chicken technology, with a variety of precious ingredients, with old soup and unique process refined. Its fragrance is overflowing, smooth and refreshing, is a typical integration of black food and green food representative. This product has the excellent characteristics of low fat, low lipids and low cholesterol. END