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Tourist attractions introduction

2018-02-26 00:00:00

The prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of the province, referred to as "Huai", the ancient name "state", is located in the northern part of the province, the hinterland of the river delta, the shore of the Huaihe River, known as "the throat of the state, the barrier", "colorful" said, is an important node along the Huai city cluster, the core city of the metropolitan circle. So, what attractions can tourists visit when they come? If there is a small partner who does not know, next, I will study with Xiaobian!


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Located in, ancient called Shouchun, is the spring and Autumn Warring States was the capital of the state of Chu, in the Ming and Qing dynasties based on solid walls, imposing, so far well preserved. There is a circle of well-preserved Song Dynasty city wall, which has been continuously renovated in successive dynasties, and the outer side is tiled, which plays the dual role of military defense and flood control. It is one of the seven best-preserved walls at present, which is 100 years earlier. Closely related to the wall are the stories of "champ love", "the man in the door", "the snake swallows the elephant" and so on. Surrounded by the moat outside the city wall, along the Huai River in the north, take a walk on the city wall, you can see a good scenery. The ancient buildings are row upon row, the local people still live here, and the life is rich;


National Forest Park: is more than 30 kilometers long mountains, is a collection of sightseeing, sightseeing, leisure, cultural history and geological landform as one of the national 4A scenic tourist area, golden autumn, surrounded by Coptis forest, red leaves like fire, can be comparable to "Xiangshan red leaves, red maple". Shenxiu, since ancient times, many poets have been striving to come, such as Liu An, Li Bai, Su Shi, Ouyang Xiu, Liu Yuxi, Wu Jun, Wei Yingwu, and left many popular chapters;


Anfeng Tang: Located 30 kilometers south of the county, Anfeng Tang is one of the four famous water conservancy projects in ancient China (Anfeng Tang, Zhanghe Canal, Dujiang Weir, Zhengguo Canal), known as "the first pond in China", Anfeng Tang is the earliest large-scale irrigation project with scientific site selection, reasonable engineering layout and abundant water resources in the history of water resources in China. For thousands of years, Anfeng Tang has played an important role in irrigation, shipping, stocking fields and supplying armies.


Maoxian Cave since ancient times it is the Buddha and Tao two religions spread the resort, but also a good place to visit. Maoxian Cave is not only beautiful scenery, but also a famous scenic spot through the ages. Therefore, the legend of Maoxian Cave is also widely divided, here is the history of less than the famous battle "Feishui battle" of the ancient battlefield, but also the Great Yu water "three doors and not into" the place, Wang Liu An had in Danjing Garden to draw water to make Dan, the beginning of the ancient Chinese food - tofu, can still hear the horse's braying and glistening water of the drink horse spring;


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Park: The park is located in the urban area, open water, complete facilities, more scenic spots, covers an area of 65.4 hectares, divided into east, north and south three districts. The Eastern district is the leisure area, the Northern district is the viewing area, and the southern district is the entertainment area. There are hundreds of gardens in the park, the zoo two "garden in the garden", known as the "three wonders" of the dragon carving, dragon boat, Yingbin Mountain, as well as 700 years ago the Yao tomb.