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Tourist accommodation guide

2018-03-17 14:24:15

It is one of the 18 typical areas of reform and opening up, and was rated as an international garden city to win the "United Nations" Dubai International Best Example Award for improving the living environment. Today, Xiaobian will bring you a guide to travel







Chongwu Ming Dynasty soldiers in Chongwu to fight against the Japanese pirates, is still worth remembering, a little far from the city takes more than an hour, from the gate into the inside of the stone carvings from the dream of red mansions to 24 filial piety 18 arhats, a variety of images of the stone carvings make small impression, inside the old house is still intact, very archaeological value, The fish roll in the scenic spot is strongly recommended to eat unique and delicious


Qingyuan Mountain Qingyuan Mountain is one of the 18 scenery, alias Minhai first mountain, the most famous is the Taoist Laojun rock statue, is the largest Taoist stone monument in China, the top of the mountain can overlook the whole picture of the city, there are restaurants on the mountain, the price is reasonable if climbing tired can take a break in it to eat some local authentic snacks


In the evening, you can go shopping on the road, which is a city with the characteristics of southern Fujian, and it has a good protection for the buildings with the characteristics of southern Fujian. The architectural style of the road is similar to that of the road, which is a shop-type building, located in the center with convenient transportation, and is a good place for shopping and accommodation