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Top 10 Weirdest personal talents in the world

2018-03-23 04:48:59

We are born to be useful, and any talent that God gives us has its use. Some people use it to get rich, some people use it to become famous, which is understandable. However, there are always some people who like to show off some bizarre skills to show that they are different, want to make fame and wealth, it is really funny. The talent displayed by these people is really too weird, and some are even quite stupid, and the top ten ranking network ( will take you to see it immediately.

Top 10 Weirdest personal talents in the world

10. Mr. Pliable is a gifted man whose body is considered to be one of the softest in the world. Here he is demonstrating his flexibility in a classic move: his entire head, arms, shoulders and arms are threaded through a tennis racket less than 10 inches (25 cm) in diameter. While normal people would suffocate if they passed their head and hands through such a large space at the same time, he could do it by twisting his body.


9. The talent of bra undoing competitions is not only stupid, but also weird and improper. This is the bra stripping contest held last year in Taiwan, China, which attracted many lecherous men to participate. Eventually Thomas's men unwrapped 56 bras in one minute to win the race and set a new Guinness World Record. However, this person's talent does not know where to come from, perhaps he is usually a sexual predator.


8, Freehand drawing a perfect circle Alexander is a famous high school professor, he has a unique talent, he can freehand in less than a second to draw a 1 meter diameter standard circle, and believes that this talent will dominate his reputation.


Everyone loves to drink Coke, but this guy's love of Coke has evolved into a new talent. The old Domingo Joquem's mouth can stretch up to 6.69 inches (more than 23 cm), just enough to fit a Coke can. This bizarre talent has landed him in the Guinness Book of World Records, and with such a bouncy mouth, is the weirdest record in Guinness history.


6. Milk Man IlkerIlker Yilmaz is set to set a new world record for being the weirdest person in the world because he can squirt milk out of his eyes. This Turkish infrastructure worker can squirt milk 9.2 inches from his left eye after snorting through his nose, and hopes to set a new world record.


5. Versatile Big Spot Big Spot - Dave, a college graduate from India, has the amazing talent to write in four Indian languages at the same time: both hands and feet at the same time. Recently, he learned to write with a pen on his mouth, nose, hair, ears, and perhaps his reproductive organs. He believes this talent is the key to breaking up his monotonous life and earning some extra money, so he often appears on the streets of India, selling characters and performing for a living.


4. Professional Farter Paul, formerly a train driver and now known as Mr. Methane, claims to be the only professional farter! While doing yoga with his sister, he discovered that he was able to capture and retain the gas that came out of the back. At first it was just a trick to tickle his fellow chauffeurs, until Mr Methane discovered that with careful practice he could control the tone and rhythm of the exhaust, earning him fame and appearances on major television shows. Well, I have to say, what a talent!


Claudio Pinto, 48, of Brazil, has a pair of unique eyes that, when he opens his eyes, 95 percent of them stick out of his eye socket without hurting them at all. He has passed the Guinness Book of World Records and believes it is a gift from God, so every day he pushes his eyes out of his eye socket by 4cm to get attention and make money.


2, Noise clapping Chinese elderly Zhang Quan has been more than 70 years old, living in Po copper pot Yi, since childhood practice clapping hands, decibel maximum can reach 108, has submitted an application to the Guinness Book of World Records. Zhang Quan has done a decibel test at the Environmental Protection Bureau, the highest at 108 decibels, generally kept at about 107 decibels, equivalent to the sound of a helicopter with a rotating propeller. Some time ago, the Guinness side had a reply, and the other side notified Uncle Zhang to collect evidence for the final trial. So Zhang Quan is going all out to practice, hoping to get his name in the Guinness Book of Records. This is not good news for local children, because if they grow up in such a high decibel environment for a long time, it is very bad for their hearing and development.


You may be unfamiliar with Xue Yong, a little-known Shaolin monk, but if you mention the iron monk, you should have some impression. At that time, in order to attract viewers, a TV station staged this vulgar program: let the male audience on the stage to kick Xue Yong's crotch, to win the screams and ratings of the scene. Perhaps, Xue Yong's iron hip is really powerful, but I always find it very painful.