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2018-03-23 00:00:32

Can health, in the face of dazzling festivals, many people feel at a loss. The biggest trouble is that the familiar are small differences: whether it is the efficacy of health, or the form of soup, almost unchanged, lack of new ideas. Is there a new place to go that will make this year's soup different? The following is the latest recommended for you by, which will bring you an unprecedented new experience, so that this winter's soup, encounter with the pine forest, and share with the health!

In no particular order

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Beautiful Xiangjiang



The splendid Xiangjiang River is located at the foot of Nankun Mountain, the Village Scenic spot. The district has 68 private garden pools with abundant natural outcrops, and the springs are pure of silicic acid and fluorine.


Rich in metasilicic acid, sodium, fluorine, sulfur, zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium and other trace elements, it is the best spring water for health care, curative effect and beauty.


Leaf orchard


Surrounded by mountains and white fog, the leaf garden in the morning is immersed in the milky fog, making you feel like you are in the cloud and have a good dream in the Jade Emperor's Lingxiao Palace. Bathed in ecological beauty on a morning like this, listening to the murmur of the breeze, the singing of the birds and insects...


Nankun Mountain


Nankunshan Park is located in the province and city, the area covers a total area of 120,000 square meters, with Japanese style, Bali style, South American style, riverbank line scenery, Lingnan scenic area five soaking areas, 72 different functions of the characteristic pool.


Nankunshan has a maximum water temperature of 82°C and a daily inflow of 5000 cubic meters, which is a high calcium silicate temperature mineral water. Spring water contains dozens of trace elements that are beneficial to human body, such as calcium, magnesium and radon.




Located in the city and county, the water of the Junature is taken from the nearly 1,500-year-old tang, which spewed natural warm mineral springs from a depth of more than 200 meters. The "radon" in the spring water has a promoting effect on the treatment of more than 30 diseases such as shoulder periarthritis, lumbar muscle strain, arthritis, neurological diseases and arteriosclerosis.




The Sembola volcano is located in the city prefecture, 50 minutes away by car. The volcano is built near the mountain, and there are more than 70 characteristic baths in the dynamic area, bamboo forest area and fragrant flower area, which are scattered and well-arranged, and the scenery of tens of thousands of acres of blue water garden can be seen.


The water quality of the volcano is mild and delicate, rarely rich in selenium and low sulfur at home and abroad. It glows out from the granite at a depth of 600 meters underground. The water temperature is maintained at 58℃-78℃ all year round, and it can be drank and bath


Relatively natural


The world's largest Hakka wine, feel the rich Hakka customs, enjoy different freedom and relaxation. Unique hilltop style, known as "fairy pond" said, Wan Wan spring slowly flowing gently take away the city's dust and noise...




Gudou Tourist Resort, located in the southwest end. Pool built in the mountains, waterfalls in the valley, water and wood Tsinghua, Beitui Yan ran. Clouds steaming in the day and stars matching each other at night, it feels like a fairyland on earth.





Seaside resort is located in provinces, cities and counties, with seaside garden turtle, crab, dolphin, conch, fish therapy, big shell, pearl beauty and other characteristics of the ocean pool, gourd, fragrant tea, fragrant wine, fragrant wood, active and other health pools...


Earth school


Dipai belongs to the metasilicic spring. The water also contains rare radon, colorless, tasteless and delicate. It has a health effect on the heart, stomach, bone growth and other internal circulatory systems, and has a softening effect on the human aorta, which can maintain the elasticity of the movement pulse wall and effectively protect the intima.

Matters needing attention

There are three ways to enjoy health care: dip, shower and swim:


"Immersion" is repeated immersion in the pool of different temperatures, can withstand the high temperature of tourists in the pool of 40 degrees Celsius immersion, feel particularly stimulating, the skin as if there are thousands of fine needles for acupuncture treatment; "Shower" is to spray the whole body in the spa pool, or use a wooden bucket to hold water several times from head to foot. "Swimming" is to swim in the pool, heat massage and swimming exercise, is a high intensity sports.


Shower steps 1. Shower clean body: Take a shower first, wash the whole body. 2. Test the water temperature: Use hands and feet to detect whether the water temperature is appropriate, do not directly invade the pool. 3. Feet first into the pool: soak your feet first, then splash the whole body with water, and then immerse the whole body after adapting to the water temperature. 4. First warm and then hot: from low temperature to medium temperature, then to high temperature soaking, step by step, gradually adapt to the spring temperature. 5. Select efficacy: There are pools with different efficacy in the area, and bathers can choose flexibly according to their preferences. 6. Master the time: soak in the pool for no more than 15 minutes each time, and re-enter the bath after an interval of several minutes; If you feel chest tightness, dizziness, dry mouth, you can rest for a moment by the pool, add some water, and then soak after recovery. 7. Flushing: Rinse the whole body after bathing, and use less shampoo and body wash to absorb minerals. 8. With massage: whole body and acupoint massage can strengthen the effect of health care, and have a better effect on the prevention and treatment of diseases.