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Top 10 high-end luxury cigarettes

2018-04-07 01:36:34

Chinese cigarette ranking, do not smoke also gain knowledge.


: Dao (2300/ bar), the cigarette brand, that is, Dao cigarettes, is the brand's high-end image products, the main consumer group is the pursuit of excellence in quality of life. The packaging is different from other brands of cigarettes, side open sanitary cigarette box, which is the exclusive patent of the brand, the packaging realizes the combination of horizontal packaging and horizontal design.


Yellow Crane Tower: 08 (2000/ bar) Yellow Crane Tower brand cigarettes are named after the Yellow Crane Tower on the top of the Snake Mountain on the provincial coast, one of the third floors. Yellow Crane Tower brand was founded in the 1930s, is one of the province's famous tobacco.


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Su tobacco: platinum crystal (1700/ bar) Su tobacco is a Chinese cigarette, which can not be underestimated. Su Tobacco was born noble and has been fighting with China for a long time all over the country. Until now, many cigarette friends cannot forget the unique Su elegant aroma of Su tobacco.


Dragon: Prosperous times (1900/ item) Above: Avenue invisible, ask how high the price is; Lianlian: bright sword has the art, see how the dragon flourishing; Horizontal batch: and remove one package. Created in 2001, the true dragon, in the vast sea of smoke is a new recruit. However, under the guidance of the "Father of the King" and under the advocacy of "How high is the sky, ask the real Dragon", in just six years, the real dragon has completed the leap from 0 to 270,000 boxes of sales.


: And the world (1800/ piece) (thin branch and the world), adhering to the "and the world" brand series of product packaging design and excellent quality, noble lineage, slender and exquisite appearance, more elegant.


Yellow Crane Tower: 1916 (1800/ bar) Yellow Crane Tower 1916 cigarette, launched in late 2004, has as many as 13 patented technologies. The product has a low-key luxury elegant temperament, known as "China's tobacco industry in 2004 the most concerned new products", and won the 2004 China Excellent Brand Image Award, become a banner of Chinese high-end cigarettes.


: Zun of the Ninth Five (1800/ piece) Zun of the Ninth Five is produced by China Tobacco Industry Co., LTD., the price of cigarettes is high, the market price can reach 1000 yuan/piece. Due to the Jiangning real estate Bureau Zhou Jiu farming smoke "sky-high price smoke" 95 respect, the high-grade smoke on the Internet an instant red.


Diamond: Soft (1800/ piece) highlights the design theme through the integration of traditional Chinese craft blue, integrates more traditional cultural elements for the diamond, highlighting the profound cultural heritage. The color is also based on the blue color, with the blue iconic pattern, which has a great visual tension and impact. The overall design of the smoke label is gorgeous but not publicized, which better conveys the connotation of the diamond brand culture.


Cordyceps: hard box (1600/ piece) Light smell cigarette has a smell of medicine, after lighting, is a taste between milk aroma and medicine, especially good smell, after smoking the house also has that light aroma, not smoked. The whole smoke down, smoke mellow, into the throat soft, long aftertaste.