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To mountain travel self-help tour guide

2018-03-20 04:48:02

Shanghai City, referred to as Shanghai, is one of the four municipalities directly under the central government of China, is China's economy, finance, trade, shipping, scientific and technological innovation. It is located in East China. It was rated as a "first-tier city in the world" by GaWC's 2018 World City System ranking. Ranked 19th in the world and 3rd in China in the 2019 Global Cities Overall Ranking released by Kearney. In the 2019 Global City Business Environment Index and Top 100 Cities ranking, it ranks 48th in the world and 4th in China. On October 31, 2019, it was selected into the list of the first 5G commercial cities. The mountain is located in the province, the southern edge of the bay, the eastern sea area of the islands, the mountain topography is diamond shaped, is a small island in the 1390 islands of the islands, shaped like a dragon lying in the sea, an area of 12.52 square kilometers, and the islands of Shenjiamen across the sea, known as the "sea and sky Buddha country", "holy land" said, north-south length of 8.6 kilometers, east-west width of about 3.5 kilometers, the coastline length of 30 kilometers. The central Foding Mountain Tiandengtai is the highest, 291.2 meters above sea level, extending in four directions, the west is Chashan, the north is Fu, the east is Qinggu Lei Mountain, the southeast is Jin, Liantai Mountain, Baihua Mountain, and the southwest is Meiten Mountain, the main peaks are between 100 and 200 meters, rolling.


The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower is one of the iconic cultural landscapes, located in Lujiazui District, the tower is about 468 meters high. The building was built in July 1991 and put into use in May 1995, bearing 6 sets of radio TV transmission services, with an area covering a radius of 80 kilometers. Pearl Radio and TV Tower is one of the first AAAAA tourist attractions in the country. The tower has space capsules, rotating restaurant, urban historical development museum and other landscapes and facilities, and was listed as one of the ten landscapes in 1995.


Rice is a landmark building in the city, located in No. 20 District East Road, is the first modern building in the history of modern architecture, with the most distinctive nine country style characteristic suites and many unique restaurants, banquet halls, multi-function rooms, bars, rooftop sightseeing gardens, etc.


Sheshan National Forest Park was approved by the Ministry of Forestry in June 1993, located in the western suburbs, covering an area of 401 hectares, 30 kilometers away from the center. The 12 mountain peaks in the park from the southwest to the northeast, winding for 13 kilometers, so that Yima presents a beautiful forest landscape. Sheshan National Forest Park has a subtropical monsoon climate, and the forest vegetation types are evergreen broad-leaved forest and evergreen deciduous broad-leaved mixed forest.


Lianyang Wu Ferry: It is the ocean, between the island and the mountain, the Yellow Ocean in the north, and the waterway in the south. Because the Japanese people want to welcome the sound like return home, the sea pig iron blocking the legend named. Qing Kangxi "County annals" quoted "Annals" cloud: "Song Yuanfeng, Hou Yi people tribute, see the earth spirit, want to carry to the country, sea cast iron, boat can not go, fear and also, named this."


Short Gu Holy Trace: Located about 300 meters southeast of the Buddhist gate. On the beach, there are "more than ten meters wide, hundreds of meters long, small stones from the phase zero attached, on both sides of the wrong column of different sizes and shapes of rocks", some stones engraved with the words "short Gu historic site", which appear in the tide and become the natural port in the old time.


Bay spring dawn: refers to the early spring scenery of the mountain, the mountain is also called Metzen, because the western mountain bay is Mei Bay, also known as the former bay. It is said that there are many wild plum, nunnery, Peng monks are good to raise Mei Yi. Whenever the early spring season, all over the mountains wild plum, green trees against the red spots, has been known as the "sea float".

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