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Tips for buying jade bracelets

2018-03-17 19:12:27

Bracelet is a woman very like to wear jewelry, get a good jade bracelet should also be a dream of many female friends, when we choose bracelets, should pay attention to what? Now let me share my experience with you.


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Whether the diameter of the ring is appropriate, we buy jewelry to make it decorate us and beautify us, do not adapt to it. You can't just wear an inappropriate bracelet because you like it. There is also whether the shape of the bracelet is round, whether the diameter is uniform, but also need to pay attention to the purchase.


A good bracelet should be "colored", "kind" simply refers to fine density and transparency; And "color" refers to green color. Of course, the beautiful violet, blue and white or the uniform and soft color of Fu Lu Shou "three-color jade" and even "four-color jade" are good choices.


Do not let go of the spots and flaws, do not let go of the black or yellow spots on the jade bracelet, white "stone flowers" and original stone patterns (not cracks). Although these defects are not fatal, they also greatly affect the value of the jade bracelet. You can also use this as a reason to bargain with businesses. Do not listen to the propaganda of the business "you wear and wear to raise these small problems are gone", the formation of these defects took thousands, you want to use less than a hundred years is time without the help of external forces to get him out, the helper feels that hope is not very big!