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Times Piano City teaches you how to identify Yamaha Nissan U1 piano

2018-01-07 19:12:00

Yamaha piano has a variety of models, but among them, the U1 road model has a long history, the most people know, and the price is suitable for the average family, so illegal businessmen use a similar 121CM height and thousands of dollars worth of pianos to impersonate. Time Piano City teaches you how to distinguish the Yamaha Nissan U1 piano is real, please pay attention to the following pictures:


Yamaha U1 piano


Note the difference in the logo The real Yamaha logo is cast in metal, and the metal surface is not whitewashed. The two screws on the real Yamaha trademark are in bronze color. The fake logo is more deliberately smooth than the left picture, and the logo is larger and different colors. The screw screw quality is very poor, and no color, the left lower one more grain.


Pay attention to the top right font and screw arrangement is different, screw quality is different! Real Yamaha piano cross screws are lined side by side and also come in bronze color. False screw screw quality is poor, and different arrangement, and the color is not the same. Real Yamaha piano cross screws are lined side by side.


Pay attention to the difference of the metal bar, the number of screws is different! Real Yamaha pianos are made of stainless steel strips up to 2 cm thick. Fake Yamaha piano, pressed metal is 1 cm electroplated copper strip.


Notice the difference in the left bass! The real Yamaha piano bass part, the string pillow is curved, so that the bass is deeper. The bass part of the fake guitar has no curvature, and the screw screw quality is poor.


Notice the difference in the music stand! A real Yamaha piano holder can hold up to 4 A4 sheets of regulation paper.


Notice the difference in muffler devices! The screws of the real Yamaha piano fixer are brown, please note the difference in other related structures.

Matters needing attention

I hope the above introduction will help you buy a Yamaha piano!