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Three lines of power from west to east

2018-05-03 17:36:59

North, middle and South three power transmission lines: the north line from the provinces and other regions to the North China power Grid transmission; The Central Line from the provinces and cities to central China, East China power grid transmission; The southern line transmits electricity from provinces and regions to South China. Expansion data: Coal is mainly distributed in the western and northern regions of China, water energy is mainly concentrated in the southwest region, and the primary energy shortage and electricity load are relatively concentrated in the eastern region. The unbalanced distribution of energy and power load determines the necessity of west-east power transmission. The "west-to-east power transmission" is to convert the energy of the coal-rich and water-rich western provinces into electricity and send it to the power-starved eastern coastal areas. In the key projects of the western development, the project volume is the largest and the investment is the largest. From 2001 to 2010, the total investment will exceed 520 billion yuan. The implementation of this project will help transform the energy advantage of the west into an economic advantage, reduce the pressure on the environment and transportation, and have great significance for rational allocation, optimization of the energy structure, and promotion of the sustainable development of China's social economy. Reference: Power from West to East - Encyclopedia