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Those good anime movies

2018-03-15 06:24:00

The holiday is coming, there is a lot of time to arrange their own life, you can use this time to enrich yourself, you can also see a good movie, especially animation fans, you can make up for this holiday movie. Here I would like to recommend some good anime movies for you.


The return of Monkey King recently hit the movie, very beautiful, another interpretation of the journey to the West, at this time, Monkey King Sun is not omnipotent, he also has his own troubles, he will wander, there will be confused periods, just like us ordinary people, this is a deeply rooted, thought-provoking film.


This is a funny and warm cartoon movie, a carnivorous dragon picked up an egg, is the egg of the herbivorous dragon, was going to eat it, but somehow became the father of the dragon, and together produced affection. That little dragon also has a funny name "Yummy". This is a warm animation, where you can find those forgotten beautiful.


River Children's Summer This is a film about people and ecology, telling the story of a river child who used to be feared by people and became homeless after people wantonly destroyed the forest and lived with his family. The same looks good.


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The Court of Words is a very detailed film, there is not much storyline, but so flat light life, small expectations is the true meaning of life, in such a life we can feel good, can carefully listen to their own inner voice.


Sky City A movie with music that can make you feel for a long time. And upend your conventional wisdom that air forces are not necessarily good and thieves are not necessarily bad. The final big robot at the end of the finale, is it going to make you feel something.

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