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There is no cross-district fee

2018-03-13 19:12:39

There is a cross-district fee, cross-district there is a return fee, the condition is that the stay time outside the area after crossing the district is greater than or equal to 20 minutes. There is no return order, empty car return, the next day there will be a return fee, hit your account, taxi is paid online, any offline driver to charge you any fee is not allowed, when passengers need to use the car, before the order system will give you an estimate in advance, including how many kilometers, how much cost, if you want to run high speed to remind you may produce high-speed tolls. The cross-district fee, that is, when the starting point and end point of the order are not in the same city, and the total mileage of the order exceeds the set number of kilometers, the corresponding fee is added to the passengers, indicating that the cross-city fee is all attributed to the driver, and the platform does not take a percentage, in order to make up for the driver's empty return fuel consumption and return high-speed fee.