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The warehouse next door will introduce you to the "king of cocktails" - Dry Martini

2018-03-16 03:12:00

Dry Martini is known as the King of Cocktails. Do you know anything about this famous cocktail? Do not understand then follow the next warehouse Xiaobian together to see!


Gin, dry Vermouth

Dry Martini ratio

There are two main characters in Dry Martini - Gin and Vermouth Dry - and almost every bartender has their own ratio.


This information is taken from experience without authorization

If you go to a bar, what should you tell the bartender to make you look better?

You need to clarify with the bartender whether you want to use gin or vodka as your base drink;


Indicate the "dry/wet" degree you want, which is the ratio of base wine to dry Vermouth.


Finally, Dry Martinis are usually garnished with olives, but some people prefer lemon zest, so if you choose lemon zest instead of olives, you might want to tell the bartender.