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The use of horizontal freezer tips

2018-04-20 03:12:45

During the use of the horizontal freezer, its working time and power consumption are greatly affected by the ambient temperature, so pay attention to the use of the problem.


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


Try to reduce the number and time of opening the horizontal freezer. Hot food should be allowed to cool naturally to room temperature before being placed in a horizontal freezer. Food with more water should be washed and drained, wrapped in a plastic bag to avoid water transpiration and thickening the frost layer, affecting the refrigeration effect of the horizontal freezer and adding power consumption.


In summer, ice and cold drinks are best made in the evening. The low temperature at night is conducive to the cooling of the condenser, and the horizontal freezer door is less open at night to access food, and the compressor operation time is short, saving energy.


Food storage should be appropriate, 80% of the volume is appropriate, otherwise it will affect the air convection in the horizontal freezer, the formation of food heat dissipation is difficult, affecting the preservation effect, add the compressor operating time, and then add power consumption.