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The use of health

2018-05-08 04:48:19

Now is the winter, in this season, people often have a cold, fever phenomenon, and even some people's original fear of cold physique will appear more serious situation, then you know what is the best secret of health?


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Traditional medicine highly advocates the use of tonifying drugs to regulate Yin and Yang, tonifying zang-fu organs, nourishing essence and blood. Reasonable supplement can strengthen the body, prevent and cure diseases. However, the supplement should be dialectic and appropriate, and should also consider adapting to the four times. When taking tonics, such as pulmonary medicine, it is more appropriate in autumn; If it is a warm tonic, it is more suitable in winter.


In the field of traditional Chinese medicine that many people think, the human essence is the basis of the human body, people do not have the essence of blood, there is no spirit, there is no good body, because the essence of blood is the most essential part of the nutrients in each person's body, but also the basis of the luck of each of our lives, is the basis of maintaining the normal operation of our viscera. If the desire is not ganglia, the loss of spermatozoa is too much, it will cause weakness, disease, and loss of life. The maintenance of Yin essence can delay aging.

Method/Step 2

Chinese medicine believes that a reasonable diet can regulate the essence, correct the zang-fu Yin and Yang bias, prevent disease, prolong life. Therefore, the diet should pay attention to "Bo food" that is, "grains as nourishment, five fruits as help, five animals as benefit, five vegetables as full", and pay attention to the five flavors, otherwise, it will be caused by nutritional imbalance, physical bias, and the dysfunction of the five viscera and the six organs.


Traditional Chinese medicine believes that there are four different changes in the weather, and all things on the earth are born, grow, harvest and hide the law, and the human body is no exception. Therefore, the ancients from the aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation put forward a timely health care. The operation of people's five viscera and six organs, Yin and Yang Qi and blood must be adapted to the four times, and cannot be reversed.


Chinese medicine believes that if people are moody, it will lead to Yin and Yang, qi and blood disorders in the body. Overwork will damage the temper, injury to the diet will produce dampness, heat, phlegm turbid. If you offend, evil causes all kinds of diseases. This pathogenic factor is regarded as "poison" by the human body, so it is proposed to "detox" to preserve the true qi of health.

Matters needing attention

We have to make their own health plan according to their actual situation, and adjust their living habits, so as to ensure their health and prevent disease, otherwise, countercurrent words will lead to the normal operation of the human body imbalance, and will hurt the lungs.