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The study is tiled or the floor

2018-04-11 01:36:17

The study is a place for office and reading, and it is quiet, so pay special attention to it when decorating. Many people in the decoration of the study may often encounter such a problem, study decoration is better to lay the floor or tile? Flooring environmental protection, anti-noise, but not conducive to maintenance; Tiling is easy to maintain, but the effect is not as good as flooring. So what is to be done?


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If you have a north facing study or a dark room, you may want to floor it. The reason is very simple, there is less light, and then put cold tiles, then the room is not cold and cool ah? Summer is better, we when the air-conditioned room, spring and winter? Do you still think it is "air conditioning on"?


If you are a woman who does not go out for a long time, then it does not matter whether you use the floor or the tile. If you travel a lot to work, use the floor. Since most of the public office floors are floor tiles, and the outdoor sidewalk floor is generally floor tiles, it is nothing more than the difference in quality, workmanship, material due to the difference in function and consumption. Many urban people surrounded by floor tiles want to make a difference in their small homes, so they pave the floor.