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The street shot fashion hair classic super style

2018-03-21 08:00:35

There are also many talents on the street, and there are also many people who are comparable to mixed-race models.


piont: About to enter the autumn and winter season, feel that the hair is difficult to have a breakthrough, it is better to use a hat makeup, handsome politeness and bow MIX, become an absolute highlight of the styling single product oh.


piont hair: confusion in order of the end of the playful grateful increase, BlingBling hair accessories to add styling sense, another suitable for round face distribution is a small face secret.


piont: Natural brown hair color to enhance temperament, slightly with a big curly hair tail elegant femininity coming, low level long hair and cute degree oh.


Hair piont: Use the navy style characteristic hat, make the overall shape of the eye drop, long curly hair to modify the lack of face, more feminine.


Hair piont: A seemingly natural micro curly hair is a sign of the mature wind that makes people feel trustworthy, which makes people feel reliable and stable, but it is not tired in the workplace.


Hair piont: Draw attention with thick bangs and flaxen. The role of bangs is very large, the shortcomings of the face shape can be made up by the hairstyle, and the bangs are always an important means. The micro curls at the end of the hair break the boredom of long straight hair, and want to try playful and doll-like hair.


piont: Such a special hair color is the key to this hairstyle, on the road such a color will be all kinds of attention.