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The secret of old age dogs

2018-03-15 12:48:00

For dogs over 10 years old, it is really entering the old age, which is equivalent to about 70 years of human beings. We all want our dogs to be happy, but there are often practices that we don't know are affecting our dogs' health. How to make the dog healthy, in the usual care need to pay attention to those problems, the following for you to decrypt the secret of the dog.

The secret of

Provide good accommodation. Warm little nest, can shelter from the wind and rain, can rest quietly at night.


The diet. Providing high-quality, nutritionally balanced dog food is a prerequisite for good health. Feeding human food can cause malnutrition or some kind of food poisoning, and the increased salt can strain the heart and kidneys. Feeding your dog 80% full every day will not only be beneficial to the dog's body, but also maintain the dog's enthusiasm for dog food and avoid picky eating.


Proper exercise. "Life is sport", dogs are born to understand the true meaning of this sentence. Regular outdoor walks every day, fresh air, strong muscles, and a brisk pace are all standards of health. Exercise also promotes gastrointestinal peristalsis and prevents constipation.


Brush every day. Daily grooming not only promotes blood circulation to the dog's skin, keeps the hair clean, but also promotes the bond between the dog and its owner.


Old dog socializing. From an early age, dogs are exposed to society, strangers and other dogs. Communication between dogs can develop good psychological quality.


Regular medical check-ups are necessary. Give your dog regular baths and check-ups to keep him clean and healthy.


Vaccines and deworming are essential. Annual vaccinations and deworming can protect your dog from infectious diseases.

Dog-loving assistant reminds you:

Spaying or neutering as an adult can increase your dog's lifespan! But pay attention to control diet to prevent obesity. Of course, the owner's endless love for the dog and master more knowledge of breeding is the most important.