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The photography is not good. Don't blame me

2018-03-12 16:00:22

Gone are the days when the big SLR dominated, and now it is king to make a big movie with a small film. Smart photography technology has developed to an amazing point, whether it is to participate in special photography exhibitions or daily sharing, master these skills, the use of these App equipment, you are not far from the realm of "master".


1. Select a large aperture lens The size of the aperture affects the amount of light passing through the camera per unit time, so the larger the aperture of the camera at the same time into the more light, the requirements for the same brightness when the shutter and iSO requirements are lower, which means that a with a large aperture lens, Allows users to take more beautiful photos in low light environments with a safe shutter and lower iSO.


2. Learning to use HDRHDR photography is a very popular technology, and now there is a powerful intelligent processor, so that you can directly achieve the shooting of multiple photos with different exposure values and later software processing. You just need to shoot the scene as usual, while keeping the picture frozen as much as possible, and the app on the camera will take three photos in quick succession with different exposure values (normal exposure, underexposure, overexposure) through hardware control, and after processing to form a HDR image.


3. Find interesting composition Although the standard composition rules are often taught online, it is not that you should stick to the rules and always use such a composition to frame the scene, in fact, sometimes intuitive shooting can receive unexpected effects. In order to successfully attract the eyes of viewers, the key is to create an interesting atmosphere with composition, so that the image has a bright interest point for people's eyes.


4. Do not use digital zoom At present, almost all mainstream are not equipped with optical zoom function, the so-called zoom is actually a digital zoom calculated by software interpolation, perhaps you can enlarge the image 3 times, but the resolution and details are also greatly reduced, the photo is full of noise. So, the best zoom is actually your feet, moving to find the best viewing position, not digital zoom.


5. Choose the right exposure and shooting mode If you use a rich built-in shooting mode or have installed a photo app with scene mode, you should choose the most suitable one according to the scene when shooting. Although the "automatic" mode sounds very versatile, but the other side of the comprehensive is that nothing is fine, so make use of sunset, night scenery, high-speed movement and other modes, it is easier to take good photos in certain scenes. In addition, it is essential to measure light according to different focal points. Also/tidy up