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The nutritional effects of different colored vegetables

2018-03-27 00:00:29

In daily life, we must eat a variety of different colors of vegetables at the same time, in order to play the role of learning from each other. Eat a wide variety, nutrition can be balanced. Through the analysis of the nutritional composition of a variety of vegetables, scientists found that the nutritional value of vegetables is closely related to the color of vegetables. The nutritional value of the dark color is high, and the nutritional value of the light color is low, and the order is "green vegetables - yellow, red vegetables - colorless vegetables".


Green: mainly green vegetables are spinach, celery, green pepper and so on. Green dishes give people a feeling of freshness. Green vegetables are rich in carotenoids and Vc, which have antioxidant and liver and eye protection effects.


Yellow: mainly yellow vegetables are pumpkin, yellow bell pepper, yellow zucchini and so on. They give people with fragrance, crisp feeling, make people feel twice, taste sweet. Yellow vegetables are also rich in carotenoids, which can slow skin aging and are good for the liver.


Red: mainly red vegetables are tomatoes, carrots, red peppers and so on. It can give people a striking, exciting feeling, can improve people's appetite and stimulate the excitement of the nervous system. In recent years, with the deepening of epidemiological studies, people have found that lycopene contained in tomatoes has strong antioxidant functions


Erythrosine can effectively prevent prostate cancer, and the inhibitory effect on uterine cancer and lung cancer cells is significantly higher than β-carotene and α-carotene.


Purple: Mainly purple vegetables are purple eggplant, Perilla and so on. These vegetables are rich in vitamin P and contain less carotene than vegetables, but more than white vegetables. Purple vegetables taste rich, can regulate nerves, make people happy, and prevention of high blood, hemoptysis, purple spot disease is beneficial.


White: mainly white vegetables are water stem, lotus root, winter melon, Chinese cabbage, cauliflower, white radish, etc., they give people with clean, cool, fresh and tender feeling, regulate visual balance and mood have a certain effect, while beneficial to prevent hypertension and Anjing. White vegetables do not contain as much carotene as dark vegetables.