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The most effective way to kill mosquitoes and flies in farms

2018-05-06 01:36:04

Mosquito and fly control is a common problem on farms, and here are three effective methods:


Biological control: The introduction of predators or predators to control fly populations. For example, insect-eating animals such as dragonflies, spiders, and frogs can be used to help control the breeding of mosquitoes and flies. In addition, bird nests can be set up around the farm to attract birds, which can also effectively prey on mosquitoes and flies.


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Environmental management: Reduce the chance of mosquitoes and flies breeding by adjusting the environmental conditions of the farm. First, clean and treat areas of stagnant water, as the larvae of mosquitoes and flies need water to hatch and grow. Check and clean feed storage areas and waste storage areas regularly to prevent mosquitoes and flies from breeding in these areas. In addition, use mosquito nets or install physical isolation measures such as fans to reduce the chance of flies entering the breeding area.