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The method of brewing mulberry wine

2018-04-03 09:36:47

A person at home does not have many people to help themselves, want to make wine is not impossible, mulberry wine how to brew in fact at home can be done, of course, this in recent years has been found to be able to brew particularly nutritious wine is many people want to know, the following is to introduce the material, basis and method of brewing mulberry wine. 1, wide mouth 5-liter plastic oil bottles, pure water bottles or stainless steel containers, do not use iron products (if not, 2.5-liter Pepsi bottles can also be). 2. Stick or long chopsticks. Used to stir in the fermentation process in order to fully ferment; 3, funnel; Filter equipment, clean thick silk stockings or gauze, "fish head bag" (the thicker the better) are acceptable. 4, home juice machine (if not, can crush the mulberry bag can). 2, brewing materials and proportion: 1, mature, dark color, good quality mulberries, 1. 2, fresh good water (note: raw water), 1.5 servings. 3, white sugar, 0.4~0.5 servings. If the mulberry taste is relatively light, or purchased after the rain, white sugar can be increased moderately. 4, the right amount of wine cake (2 grams per catty mulberry [1 teaspoon]). 3. Process, fermentation and precautions: 1. Wash mulberries. 2, use the juice machine to crush the mulberries, according to the proportion of water, white sugar, into the vessel. 3. After the raw materials are loaded into the utensils, stir evenly with sticks or long chopsticks, and control the temperature at 22-28 ° C, ferment begins after about 24 hours, stir twice a day. Release gas at least twice a day! 4, fermentation time 3 days, 3 days immediately separate the skin residue, with clean thick silk stockings or fine gauze filter. 5, after the separation of the peel residue, enter the post-fermentation period, the post-fermentation time is about 1 week, the fermentation of mulberries is strong, pay attention to the regular release of gas. 6. Clarify. Strain the "wine mud", refill the bottle and seal it against oxygen. Be careful not to overfill. If you use a large volume of glass, every three or five days to release the gas, the specific time depends on the situation.