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The little girl drew a step map with stick figures

2018-04-07 09:36:36

Today we are going to learn a stick figure of a beautiful girl's head.


Pen and paper


The first step, the content of this step has some more, draw the girl's face, be sure to draw the eyes well, this is the most vivid


The second step, draw the girl's ears, since our view is from the side, we can only see one ear, as shown in the picture


The third step, this step is to draw the hair on the girl's forehead, be careful to fluffy a little, as shown in the picture


Step 4, then draw the hair on the top of the head, usually sticking out one or two strands, as shown in the picture


The fifth step, finally we put two braids on the little girl, so that a complete stick figure of the little girl's head is drawn.

Matters needing attention

Be careful not to line your hair too thick