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The instant god of King glory

2018-04-09 14:24:13

King of Glory is Tencent's first real MOBA mobile game, inherited the essence of MOBA mobile games, there are 1V1, 3V3, 5V5 and other kinds of gameplay.


First of all, we must ensure the fluency, the game is about 200M, because it is a network mobile game, so we must have a smooth network to ensure that there will be no lag when playing.


If you want to play on the computer, you can download the Android emulator, usually there is a reliable assistant, mobile game assistant is a good choice.


First of all, familiar with the operation mode, because it is a push-button control, so you can not use the mouse to select the target like the League of Legends, but you can choose the mode of free switching and minimum blood amount through the setting, which is adjusted according to your own habits, as long as you feel appropriate.


Understand the active and passive skills of each hero in detail, and then master the timing of skill release based on your experience playing games such as League of Legends. Usually, the skill of the line is that we shrink the tower on the other side, no need to fill the knife as long as the small soldiers near the same experience and money, and then grasp the timing under the tower reasonable release of deceleration, dizzy skills to suppress the other side's blood amount, such as teammates to help or find the time to kill each other, in the case of not killing must ensure their own blood amount, eat blood and restore in time to ensure the economy and level.


Close combat needs to pay attention to the number of opponents and reasonable release of their own control skills, in the case of teammates as far as possible first hand control. Remote is good timing, learn to walk A, especially Di Renjie this kind of hero, open ghost walking side A will achieve good results.

Matters needing attention

It should be noted that the accuracy of skill release is usually automatic release, that is, when you click the skill, if there is an enemy hero in the skill release range, the skill will automatically aim at the enemy hero, if there is no hero, the skill will automatically aim at the nearest minions. Using this principle can release skills faster and ensure the accuracy of skills.


The timing of playing wild and gank still needs to be improved according to experience and judgment of the situation on the court. Practice makes perfect. This is not a one-man game, multiple signals and teammates to communicate, will improve the odds of victory.