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The freezing chamber of the refrigerator is too thick. The sealing strip of the refrigerator needs to be replaced

2018-04-12 19:12:15

After the refrigerator door at home is used for a long time, there will often be a lot of freezing in the freezer, the ice is very thick, resulting in the refrigerator drawer can not be opened, and even the refrigerator door can not be opened, the reason is likely to be the refrigerator door seal (sealant) aging, resulting in a weak seal, and the water vapor in the air into the freezer after condensation formed ice. The solution is to replace the seal (sealant).


1 new refrigerator door seal strip


1 hairdryer


1 basin of hot water at 50 degrees Celsius


Because the refrigerator seal (sealant) is different from each home, it is generally required to order, and you can buy the refrigerator after sale or go to the network to buy.


The purchased sealing strip (sealant) is often hard, you can first use 50 degrees Celsius hot water to soften it, so that it is better to install.


Remove the seal strip (sealant) of the old refrigerator door, install the new seal (sealant) after softening, the installation process is very simple, and there is not much to say here. It is worth noting that the uneven sealing strip (sealant) does not matter, because the back can be adjusted.


Turn the hair dryer to hot air and blow back and forth along the edge of the seal to further soften the seal. When the seal feels a little hot, you can gently pull the seal outward with your hand to make it more internal air to enter, forming a layer of air cushion, and then close the refrigerator door to see if there is a gap in the seal. In accordance with this method, the four sides of the refrigerator door seal strip are treated once, if after closing the refrigerator door, the four sides of the seal strip are closely fitted to the refrigerator door frame, and there is no gap in the middle, it means that the installation is successful. At this time, do not rush to use the refrigerator, should close the refrigerator door, let the seal cool and finalize before use.

Matters needing attention

Note: When softening the seal with a hair dryer, be sure to control the temperature, the temperature is too high, the seal is easy to deform and pull, and the temperature is too low and has no effect.