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The fifth ending of Call of Duty 9

2018-03-12 19:12:30

Call of Duty 9 The fifth ending is a super super perfect ending compared to the previous 4 endings! Old Mason is back, father and son are reunited, WOODS is built in, China and America shake hands and make peace, the virus is cleared, the BOSS jailbreak fails and is imprisoned forever, no one dies. Here I post my selection process ~~~~1. In the Afghan Memory checkpoint, after capturing Klitchenko, press F repeatedly to stop the urge to kill Klitchenko until WOODS finished interrogating him, WOODS would shoot and kill Klitchenko. 2. Cayman Islands, the non-mainstream women in the ballroom must be rescued before the white-haired old man is put on the plane, and shoot the white-haired old man. 3. Recall the level, capture Noriega level, shoot old Mason's feet, do not shoot the head. 4. Complete all 4 optional command levels, and kill Zhao Tian in the last command level, causing the SDC to disband and end the military confrontation with the United States. 5. This is the most critical, many people will choose the wrong ~~~ that is, in the undercover level, when young Mason's gay friend is caught, the undercover does not sacrifice himself in order to save him, but directly kill the gay friend and gain the trust of the BOSS. 6. It is not a choice, but a change that will happen, in the aircraft carrier attack level, the girl who would have been killed will be protected by the undercover, the undercover will fly to save the bullet, the girl will be stunned but wake up, and then the girl will crack the control system of the aircraft carrier. Also do not kill the black commander when the player controls the BOSS. Then a Chinese drone with the Red Star logo appeared, shot down the drone that dropped the bomb, and the carrier did not sink. 7. The leader of China will speak to the President of the United States on the phone, and this will not be a rant, but a gracious "thank you" in Chinese. 8. In the last level, do not kill the BOSS, but put him on the plane. The final outcome, the girl will be interviewed on TV, the BOSS's invasion virus is completely removed, the BOSS can not escape, hit the TV with his head in prison, hit the head and blood, old Mason appeared, and WOODS, little Mason successfully reunited, Day C and the American Emperor hand in hand into a new era. You see, the key key is that the girl must survive to the end, and young Mason's gay friend must die! Everyone resolutely give up gay friends, gay friends are clothes, catch a lot of ~~~~~ in addition, this game can not rely on re-reading files to change the plot, so in order to have a perfect ending, you must re-open the file or finish the perfect option at the beginning, so the meaning of this post is also to hope that everyone can finish the perfect ending at once when rewatching the game