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The experience of learning photography to take car model photo

2018-02-24 12:48:00

Life stroke scene from our side, we were shocked, moved, with the lens to record it, solidified into a permanent moment. For photography lovers, the camera is his lover, telling her ten thousand kinds of customs on the road of life. My friend was an avid photographer, and he drew me into this circle. Most of the friends in the photography circle do not think of fame and fortune, they or success and fame, in order to cultivate their sentiments; Or like to travel, see it as consumption; More people love life, love nature, by landscape characters flowers, birds, insects and fish. We get together, or discuss equipment, or talk about creation, more often is poetry and wine singing, from all over the country, it is a very interesting circle. But I am a person who sees things in general and does not seek to understand them. Even in the tense work, I also do and stop, look around, and like to appreciate things as a bystander. Get a small camera, mix in among them, there is not much gorgeous language, can only write this text prevarication.


To be honest, at that time just started, a lot of things do not understand, what aperture should use how big, the shutter should be defined to how much ah? However, whenever I stood in front of the model MM, they were very cooperative and put out a variety of poses for me, so that I was embarrassed to spend time to figure out how to adjust the data.


As a result, I shot a circle with the automatic gear, and then hid in the corner to enjoy myself, and found that it seemed to feel wrong, how to shoot with others is not the same. After some thought, suddenly the automatic file white balance is not right, there is not enough light, coupled with the addition of wide Angle and hood, the near-focus section of the time around the black edge is serious;


Especially with the body flash, the KODAK Z650 body flash synchronization and light quality performance is not very good. Because the machine is not anti-shake, many photos are fuzzy, and some actually use a small aperture F8, in fact, I already know how to use a large aperture when the light is dark, but I foolishly think that the larger the value is the larger the aperture.


After some research, it was decided to shoot again with an aperture of F2.8~F4, the ISO was adjusted to 400, and the flash was not used as much as possible. It took one round of shooting, more than two hours, and about 200 photos. That's a thrill, taking so many pictures for the first time. Back home, excited to output photos one by one... After enjoying it again, it is called a depression! There are overexposure, there are not enough exposure, there are inappropriate composition, there are blurred images, the most let me wonder how there are many noise points so big? Although it is adjusted to ISO400, it is not so obvious, and then look carefully to remember that in order to save space, the pixel was reduced to 3 million... Hey, I'm really sorry for those model MM, gave me such a good opportunity but I shot bad.  


But through this exercise really improved a lot, and thanks to this photography training course, let me know how to use light in professional scenes; How to set the value; Not only the real practice of portrait photography, but also let oneself understand how much gap there is to take good photos, participate in such training courses is very meaningful and rewarding.


After this experience, I summarize it: in order to highlight the focus and have enough light flow, the aperture is generally set to about F2.8~F4; Generally, the light of the auto show is not too bright, and in order to highlight the characteristics of the car, there are often only a few beams such as illuminating the local position, so the shutter speed is generally set at about 1/30s~1/160s; In fact, the sensitivity does not need to increase the noise point as high as my silly setting, generally set at IS0200.


The value of life lies in creation. No matter how young a man is, he ceases to learn, he enters old age; If it is no longer created, it has no value to this society. I also hope that more friends will enter the temple of literature and photography to add more beauty to our lives. ​END