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The effect of Korean makeup

2018-03-16 12:48:00

1. Foundation - Make face face with close to their own skin color foundation, cover the overall flaws, play the role of base makeup; Then use a foundation one degree lighter than your skin tone and use it in the T-zone to make the atrium stand out; Apply more under your eyes and under your chin to brighten your eyes and make your face look longer. Finally, with dark foundation, along the hairline, jaw to play the outside outline, with these three different powder base color, completely modified the face shape, make a small face! 2. Eyeliner - The biggest secret to their eye makeup, like a kitten, is to emphasize the front corners of their eyes, putting black eyeliner on the bottom third of the front corner, not the back. This highlights the tip of the front corner of the eye, like a kitten, making the eyes appear brighter. 3. Eyeshadow - Light color is mainly natural light color, you can lightly brush a layer of light eyeshadow on the eyelid, and gently brush back and forth with a makeup brush. 4. Eyebrow shape - eyebrow powder is more natural to maintain its original smooth natural slightly thick eyebrow shape, if the eyebrow color is heavy, you can use brown mascara to re-apply, you can also use light eyebrow powder to modify, in order to achieve a natural effect. 5. Lips - Feminine Korean women like to hook a very deep and obvious lip line, heavy lipstick at the same time to emphasize the feminine texture, and lip line is mostly hidden in the lipstick. The emphasis is on being large and full.