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The difference between a door gauge and a door system

2018-01-07 06:24:00

The difference between the door system and the door regulation is as follows: 1, the meaning of different medical insurance door system is the abbreviation of medical insurance outpatient coordination, outpatient coordination is a form of medical insurance treatment, simply put, is the general outpatient expenses of insured personnel into medical insurance reimbursement, by the basic medical insurance pooling fund and individuals jointly bear the general outpatient costs. Medical insurance door rules are prescribed diseases reimbursement according to regulations, on-the-job outpatient expenses can be reimbursed according to regulations after more than 1800 yuan, hospitalization is 1300 yuan. After the retirement outpatient expenses exceed 1300 yuan, they will be reimbursed according to regulations. 2, the selection of different medical insurance system is for the reimbursement of general outpatient expenses, and the medical insurance door regulation is for the reimbursement of diseases within the scope of the provisions. The medical insurance system selects a wide range of hospitals for treatment. The insured persons who are included in the medical insurance door regulation can choose 2 designated medical institutions as designated medical institutions for medical treatment, and the selected medical institutions shall not be changed within a medical year. Remote supervision: According to the relevant person of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, due to the different level of economic development of various cities, resulting in different medical consumption water medical insurance policies, the three major medical directories (drug catalogs, diagnosis and treatment catalogs, medical service facilities) are inconsistent, and the payment ratio of medical insurance accounts and the proportion of hospitalization reimbursement are also different. At present, the insured people who seek medical treatment in different places are mainly long-term business travelers and retired workers living with their children. When seeking medical treatment in different places, the referral certificate shall be issued at the local medical insurance designated hospital. The patient shall advance the medical expenses and return to the local medical insurance department for reimbursement with the bill in the later stage. If the city has a different audit agency and personnel, it must be signed by the auditor before reimbursement. The above content reference: Encyclopedia - Medical insurance